So i've been pretty busy cause of exams and stuff, so i'm going to post something up now. 
WOW. First of all, The Wanted have only gone and got a multi platinum selling single in the US with Glad You Came! Proud moment right here!
AND, they released Chasing The Sun in the US (and smashed their first live performance of it on the US version of the Voice, might i just add!) along with the video. WHICH IS AMAZING. 
Basically in the video, TW have fallen for the wrong type of girls. They are vampires. Suddenly the lyrics make more sense.

"Live forever with you around"

"Until forever comes"

The vampire girls are the suns, and they have been turned into vampires (cause they got bitten by the girls) so they will now live forever. I think it's bloody amazing if i'm honest!
So yeah, check it out HERE or watch it in the VIDEO's section of my website. 


Love anyone (if there is anyone) who reads this!

TWfanArmy xo.

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