So TWfanmily , when Warzone is released (on 26th December 2012) i think we should ALL buy it. Whether it be on 26th or later on in the week, but we NEED to get it to number 1! It's an amazing song, and it deserves to be number 1. If you don't buy it, then you aren't supporting the boys enough! 

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so, i was just scrolling down to the comments, after watching the "Warzone" video for like the 1949348932th time, when i spotted this- 
over 3 million views in less than a month?! Well proud of TWFANMILY :D . thats truly amazing.
So, TW advent calendar is in full swing, and it's just as good as last year!
If you haven't seen it yet, you don't know what you're missing! check it out here !
What are you waiting for? GO!
Ok, i got quite alot of positive feedback for

 my first paragraph in my fanfic, but i'm just


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Warzone   to  be   released  

earlier  than  planned??
so    it   was   supposed   to   be   released   in   early   JANUARY   next   year,    BUUUUUT...
it has supposedly been brought forward to 26thDecember2011?
now this was just a rumour going round twitter, but news pages have tweeted about it? :D.
sooo lTWfanmily l lets just hope it's true! we've seen the video, heard the song, now it just needs to be realeased so it can go straight to number 1 ? :)
i have posted part one to my fanfic "Behind Bars" up in the "Fanfic" tab, GO HAVE A READ ? :) 

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finally, after a long hard wait since first hearing the song around 3 weeks ago, the video is out! and if i do say so myself, it's amazing! Only TWFanmily would agree with me on how sad you felt seeing them depressed. Great filming from Director X though, once again!  Look in my videos tab for the video. I took a couple of screenshots (posted below) of the boys sadness, so i can show you what i mean. See below . Thanks for reading, i shall keep you updated!