so, The Wanted are going away to America for 2 months? That's so sad, i'll miss them!
I hope they announce their new single soon though, cause i'm sure you saw Max and Nathan's tweets about them?!  if you haven't, check them out below! #buzzin !
The Wanted have just confirmed that 


 are going on Glee! That's a huge US
programme! Proud of them.

Yeah, whatever, i know it's "old news", but i haven't had time to post up. besides, nobody reads it anyway:(.but, TW have cracked America!! they were on the Ellen show last week, and they have just started their massive US tour :D. sure all of the #TWFanmily are so proud of them right now! I know I am!
So TWfanmily , when Warzone is released (on 26th December 2012) i think we should ALL buy it. Whether it be on 26th or later on in the week, but we NEED to get it to number 1! It's an amazing song, and it deserves to be number 1. If you don't buy it, then you aren't supporting the boys enough! 

contact me @TWfanarmy on twitter :) .