Yeah, whatever, i know it's "old news", but i haven't had time to post up. besides, nobody reads it anyway:(.but, TW have cracked America!! they were on the Ellen show last week, and they have just started their massive US tour :D. sure all of the #TWFanmily are so proud of them right now! I know I am!
Ok, don't read this, if you don't want to hear a rant, aha.

I cannot believe Warzone only charted at number 21. This is a disgrace. The Wanted deserve waaaay more than this. I was actually really upset when I found out its chart position, not even in the top 20? It got so many good reviews, and Warzone related trends were seen as a top trend on twitter several times. I think Warzone would have done SO much better if it was released as a physical copy. It's Lose My Mind all over again, which don't get me started on, because I thought it was one of their best songs. I'm not blaming anyone but the management for this one. Why not release it on a physical cd? I think it's really upsetting. I could go on for hours, but I wont bore you any more. Thanks alot for reading. Love you lots.  -TWfanArmy xo